State symbols, Kentucky has plenty of them, including a state drink, which by the way is milk. But we don't have a state pet. We do have a state mammal (grey squirrel), state bird (cardinal), state fish (Kentucky spotted bass), state butterfly (Viceroy), and even a state insect (honey bee). A new bill is proposing a very special state pet.

House Bill 27 is proposing making animals who were adopted from a shelter, it could be a cat, a dog, livestock, or poultry.

Specifically, the bill will designate "domestic cats and dogs who reside in or have been adopted from Kentucky animal shelters and rescue organizations" as the official state pet.

Advocates hope the bill will raise awareness and lead to legislation to control shelter overcrowding.

As you know, we at WBKR feature adoptable pets on a regular basis. We give this two paws up!

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