I bet it doesn't take much arm-twisting to get folks to start thinking about summertime activities after we come out of a winter storm, even IF we came WAY out into the 60s.

So let's talk about summer. What are your plans? You thinking about what you're going to line up for your kids once school's out?

There will be a lot of camping opportunities--and they will, no doubt, be a ton of fun--but how many of them will offer your kids a fun and exciting way to learn about conservation?

The camp runs Monday through Friday, during which campers will get to participate in activities like archery, boating, firearm safety, fishing/casting, nature, outdoor survival, and--my favorite--swimming. It just sounds like a blast.

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Camping as a Kid and Conservation Camp History

Honestly, when I was a kid, there was RA (Royal Ambassador) Camp through church. And we always camped when we went out West to visit my New Mexico family. But something like a conservation camp? I would have been all over it.

Conservation camps have been offered through the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources for more than 70 years. And over the years, they've been offered at a variety of sights across the Commonwealth like Kentucky Lake, Lake Cumberland, and Grayson Lake.

How to Register for Conservation Camp

If you think your kids would love to spend a week camping by a lake and learning all sorts of cool stuff (uh...could we have one of these for grown-ups, too?), then visit the registration page on Fish & Wildlife's website. Registration is currently underway.

Have a great summer.

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