They did it!  I thought they were nuts.  Some of you thought they were crazy.  But they did it!  McLean County singing duo Heath Eric and Molly G. spent Sunday night OUTSIDE as temperatures plummeted below zero and the wind chill dipped near -30 degrees.  The duo decided to take advantage of Mother Nature's cruel January joke and turn a negative (literally) into something positive.  They decided to Camp for Kids and raise awareness for those in Western Kentucky who are cold every winter . . . because they don't have the means to buy winter coats or heat their homes.  It was a brave and risky venture, but they did it!  And the husband and wife duo called The WBKR Waking Crew this morning as they thawed to share what is was like to camp in sub-zero temperatures!

Congratulations to Heath and Molly, who are still working to see many LIKES their mission received on Facebook.  Their posts had hundreds of shares and there were literally LIKES all over the place: their pages, WBKR's Facebook page, etc.

Mission accomplished!  Mission crazy . . . but accomplished and we here at WBKR are very proud to call Heath and Molly friends and we applaud their bravery and activism!