The whole idea behind deer hunting is to keep quiet so the deer don't have a clue you're there.  Not all hunts are created equal and one Kentucky gal decided she'd go LIVE on Facebook during her first hunt.  The result...HILARIOUS!

Angel here and this time last year was the first and only time in my almost eight-year relationship and marriage to my husband, Joe, that he took me hunting.  He has talked about it multiple times but it just never worked out for us to have all the kids in a place that allowed us to do it.  Finally, a day came available and I jumped at the chance to climb in the stand with my man.  Now, Joe is a super serious, dedicated hunter to compare it to terms you all might understand knowing me he can sniff a deer out like I can a $5 bag sale at the thrift store.  To say the least we are passionate about these two things in life as much as we are about each other.


Saturday was the big day.  I had two remotes that morning so we decided we would go Saturday afternoon.  My first remote was at Reid's Orchard and after I told Katie Reid Clark I was going her reply "you do realize you have to keep your mouth shut right?!"  Thanks friend good looking out!  Then I made my way to Lil Bit Sassy where I told Lisa Aull.  She said, "Lord this is going to go well, you know you can't wear makeup, perfume, or cute clothes."

Are these people even my real friends?  I mean come on.  I am a nature girl.  I grew up in the country on a farm.  I love getting dirty I just prefer to be dressed cute instead.


Joe had been tracking, watching, doing whatever you hunters' do to find this big buck.  He was positive it was going to show up this particular day.  He told me and I quote "today is the day I am getting him, baby."  In my mind, I thought we'll see about that.


We pull into the site and park and Joe proceeds to open his truck bed.  A truck that we bought to be useful for hauling and such.  Not once in three years have we hauled one thing but corn and hunting gear.  He opened it up and it was like the black hole.  I am pretty sure I know where all the missing sock mates go to die, in the back of Joe's truck.


We finally made it to the tree and Joe had to put the tree stands up with these sticky thingy's and rope.  I almost didn't want to get in the tree because I was 110% positive there was no way it was gonna hold my body.

Right before the hunt I posted to Facebook to let everyone know how excited I was and my supportive friends just couldn't wait to see the result and begged me to go LIVE.  I mean I had to give them what they wanted right!?

The big actually showed up.  I heard him banging his antlers on a tree and he huffed and puffed at us and then he went to drink water at the creek across from us.  He didn't get close enough for Joe to get him with a bow.  It was a super cool experience.  I am definitely not made for hunting but I am glad it is something that makes my husband happy even if I forget what he looks like during hunting season.

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HILARIOUS: Kentucky Gal Goes LIVE From The Deer Stand in Her First Hunt EVER

Not all hunts are created equal and one Kentucky gal decided she'd go LIVE on Facebook during her first hunt. The result...HILARIOUS!

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