Raena Worley is a senior at the University of Kentucky and will graduate with a degree in Kinesiology to pursue a career as an athletic trainer. The definition of small but mighty, she has been putting the sprinkles and cherry on top of a successful journey on the UK Gymnastics team. It's no surprise she is one of the top gymnasts in the country.

Earning two perfect scores this season, her most recent win is a feat of athletic talent that I will never understand. When you watch the video, it's easy to see why she is also such a beloved member of the team and how she earned that perfect score.

Her confidence shows in how genuinely happy she looks to be performing her routine.  It's so much fun to witness! Her energy and accuracy are super impressive too!  Those qualities earned her that perfect score, which was even more special because it happened on Senior Night at Rupp Arena.

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The comment section of the SEC Instagram shows how excited gymnastics and UK fans from all over are for Worley.

One person said "It was SO perfect! And what a way to end Senior Night!"


UK Athletics said it all in two words, "She slayed"


Here is a recap of the night with some of the other talented UK gymnasts. Raena also sticks an incredible landing on the uneven bars. Check out that wink at the end! She's the coolest.

Congratulations Raena!

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