I am a huge Jeopardy! fan, even to the point of recording the episodes on my DVR to watch later.

Within the last couple of years, since iconic host Alex Trebek passed away, the legendary quiz show has undergone quite a few changes--and I don't just mean a new host. That was a necessity. No, I'm talking about the show itself--in particular, the new structure of the Tournament of Champions. It's been very bizarre, but the basic question-and-answer format remains relatively intact and keeps bringing me back.


Several years ago--back when a contestant could only be on five episodes--I was watching a noticed a new player who looked very familiar to me. It turns out it was someone with whom I'd had several classes in the communications department when I was a student at Western Kentucky University. And I'm sorry, but for the life of me, I cannot think of her name. But she won two games and amassed more than $30,000.

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It was equally cool when, on two occasions, my dear old hometown of Owensboro came up in a couple of Jeopardy! clues. From September 13, 2004, we have a Double Jeopardy! category called "Famous Kentuckians" and the following $400 clue:

"This movie heartthrob isn't 'From Hell' or from 'Sleepy Hollow;' he's from Owensboro, Kentucky."

Later, in 2010, it was another Double Jeopardy! round in which we were presented THIS  $800 clue in the category "Kentucky Is Just Ducky":

"Reflecting the state nickname, the International Museum for this genre of music is in Owensboro."

You'll find the answers to these Owensboro Jeopardy! questions below--which is where you'll also find the correct responses to the following OTHER clues about Kentucky that Jeopardy! has used over the years.

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