If you wanna see me get really angry at another driver, then ride with me as we watch that other driver run a school bus stop sign.

That makes me crazy and, to be fair, I haven't seen that happen in a long time.

But I have seen it and it just flies all over me.

Now, there are Kentucky lawmakers who want to catch those drivers.

According to WLWT-Cincinnati, Kentucky House Bill 136 is the bill that would accomplish that feat.

It would have cameras installed on school bus stop arms in order to catch those who ignore the sign and just speed right on by.

In Boone County, up in the Cincinnati metro, there are already two buses that have those cameras attached to the stop arms.

The aim isn't to stop the motorist right then and there. Logistically, that would incredibly difficult if not impossible.

The plan would be to download the video and try to identify license plate numbers.

I say GO FOR IT. Get the cameras installed. We are, after all, talking about children's safety.


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