In 2015, I was traveling on a four-lane highway in New Mexico--it wasn't an interstate highway--and I noticed a funeral procession in the northbound lane. I was heading south.

I pulled over out of respect.

Others on my side chose not to do the same thing. That's fine. That's their call.

What bothered me were the number of cars that were passing the procession on its side of the highway.

They weren't doing it very fast, but they were doing it. I assumed there was no law regarding funeral processions in New Mexico.

And I was right. lists all the laws regarding traffic and funeral processions and in New Mexico, there aren't any.

In Kentucky, however, there are.

And I've never seen that sort of thing here, anyway.

In fact, the website features a pretty healthy paragraph regarding Kentucky and funeral processions.

They have the right of way at intersections, regardless of signal.

They must yield to emergency vehicles and trains--of course--of if an officer directs them to do so for whatever reasons.

And, in terms of vehicles NOT in the procession, there can be no driving between vehicles, interfering with vehicles, or PASSING vehicles unless directed by a police officer.

So says Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 189.378.

I'm glad it's the law.

But I was raised by a funeral director/undertaker and I've always just done it out of respect and if I didn't, that same funeral director/undertaker would kick my butt.

As for emergency vehicles, this topic came up in a conversation recently. So I contacted Officer Michael Hathaway with the Owensboro Police Department and he sent me the following:

emergency vehicle laws

And I'm glad I now have this handy. I've always been in compliance but I'm glad I have it handy, nonetheless.


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