A popular McLean County, Kentucky drive-in restaurant just got a major shout out from Kentucky Living Magazine. There's no question that the Dairy Freeze in Island is a 'bucket list' destination for burger and shake lovers here in the Commonwealth and beyond.

Well, the Dairy Freeze, which has been sitting roadside for over 65 years, just got some major love in the latest issue of Kentucky Living. That 'food' issue, which features the cover story- A Quest for the Best Back Road Cheeseburgers in the State- features the delicious cheeseburgers served up in Island.

Kentucky Living contributor Ryan Craig embarked on a quest to find the best cheeseburgers under five dollars in the Commonwealth. One of his top five is the cheeseburger served up in what's arguably the most popular restaurant in Island. Ryan says, "You kind of have to know where Island is, have a good GPS, or be prepared to ask for directions." You'll know you're in the right place when you find it and taste it.

The Dairy Freeze is located at 660 Adams Avenue, which sits right off Hwy 431 just across the bridge in Livermore.

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Ryan urges his readers (and YOU) to "order the Island Burger." He adds, "It is crispy and cooked just right on the griddle." He also suggests that you wash it down with a shake. In fact, he claims the Dairy Freeze served him "perhaps the best chocolate shake" he's ever had.

While the Dairy Freeze earned Top 5 status, there were a couple of other popular destinations here in western Kentucky that made the list of honorable mention DESTINATIONS. Two of them are in nearby Owensboro.

Ryan suggests also checking out the burgers and cheeseburgers at Gary's Drive-In at 2220 Veach Road!

You should also check out Big Dipper, which sits at 2820 West Parrish Avenue.

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