As of this writing, we are 69 days away from the November election and there may still be lots of questions you have about new voting procedures available to you.

The Daviess County Clerk's Office has posted a link to the Voter Information Center. This will help you navigate the 2020 election waters if you're unsure how to vote, in case you're not waiting until November 3rd.

First of all, if you're not registered to vote and you want to be, you'll need to do so by Sunday, October 4th at 4PM.

On that registration link, you'll not only be able to register but also check your registration if you already are registered and to find your polling place, in case you've just moved, or something, and you don't know where to go.

The Voting Information Center also has a link that will let you request your mail-in or absentee ballot if you are registered and have an eligible excuse. COVID-19, in Kentucky, is an eligible excuse for not wishing to vote in person.

There are also links that will allow you to check Kentucky requirements for voting, get ballot information if you are in the military, and to volunteer for poll work.

The Voting Information Center will be updating through the election cycle, as needed.

If you having any other questions, you can click here.

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