Nobody wakes up and says 'I'd love to go to the dentist today!'  One Kentucky Orthodontic office makes sure to put the biggest smiles on their patient's faces in all they do.


Angel here and I had braces growing up for five whole long freaking years.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was super pumped to actually get them because you see other kids have them and you find yourself pretending to have them or maybe it was just me and my brother.  We would get sheets of aluminum foil and make mouthpieces and pretend we had braces.  Now that I think of it what was wrong with us LOL.

Then when I was like 10 years old the joke was on me because I was told I had to get real braces.  I lived in Ohio at the time when I first got braces put on and when we moved back to Owensboro we were referred to Dr. Durall Orthodontics right off Veach Road here in Owensboro.  The office staff was amazing and made me feel super comfortable.  That was almost 30 years ago and some of their staff recognize me today when they see me!



A few weeks ago on social media I noticed my friend, Ashley Hicks, posted a photo of her daughter, Ella Grace, who had recently gotten braces.   I'm sure you're thinking what's the big deal, she got braces lots of kids do that and you would be right.  However, not only did Ella Grace get braces so did her American Girl doll.  I mean, how cool is that?!

I had the opportunity to hear from a few different people who are a part of the Wedding/Durall team and they all said the same thing;

every day, our main goal is to make every patient that walks into our office feel special. We are always trying to find ways to celebrate our patients whether it is sending them cards in the mail after a big life event like a wedding or making a high school sports team, or giving patients ice cream if they have an appointment the week of their birthday. We love what our patients love, which is why we are always looking for ways to make our patients feel loved and comfortable in our office- even if that means putting braces on their American Girl Doll's teeth!

One of my absolute favorite things they've done is Karaoke.  One kiddo requested they all sing Karaoke during his appointment and you guessed it, his request was granted.

The staff even has fun!


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