Here a scam, there a scam, everywhere a scam-scam. Old MacDonald had a farm. Hope he wasn't scammed.

I'm not kidding. I hope he wasn't. But if he got onto Facebook out there on the farm and clicked on a phony ad for a secret shopper, then he very well could've been.

The Berea Police Department got wind of this nonsense and posted this on its Facebook page.

It reminds me of that scam, a few years ago, where your computer would essentially shut down and do nothing but flash a warning that you've been caught at something. It would then instruct you to go to the nearest big name drugstore and purchase a bunch of money orders and send the dough to some mysterious entity so that the FBI wouldn't come busting through your door.

Outlandish, right?

Well, it wouldn't have perpetuated if there weren't folks who fell for it.

Like the post says, no legitimate enterprise will ever ask you send them money like that.

Please be careful.

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