I know, my first thought was, oh not good. The fact is the entire country has been gaining more and more weight for the past two decades and now three quarters of Americans are overweight or obese. In this analysis from WalletHub, they have named Kentucky to be the fourth fattest state in the country. Here's what they found out.


Source: WalletHub

Looking at a break down of the statistics, Kentucky's issue isn't that we have the most overweight or obese people. What we have is some of the highest percentages of folks with high cholesterol, we rank fourth in the highest percentage of those with diabetes, and we have the fifth highest percentage of those with high blood pressure. Genetics do contribute to all of these factors. Both sides of my family have issues with high blood pressure, and my father had double bypass heart surgery almost nine years ago.

I had my first complete panel of blood tests done a couple of months ago. My numbers were all normal. And, I am drinking a lot more water. I just have to get some more exercise in. Here's something else to chew on, unless you have your own garden and/or a source for meat (i.e. chickens, cattle), eating healthy is not cheap.

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