Resolutions can be hard to keep. Some folks go for broke and make resolutions they have no intention of keeping or maybe just can't.

How about resolving to visit some awesome Kentucky restaurants in 2020?

That's totally doable...and fun.

You could try one of Louisville's newest. It's The Hall on Washington Street. It's on the backside of Whiskey Row and they are anxious to show you their "Steins, Sausages, and Spirits."

The Hall on Washington St./Facebook

I'm already familiar with Farmer and Frenchman in Henderson because I have friends who have visited and bring back raves.

According to their story on Facebook, their menu features delectable farm-to-table offerings and is a prime agri-tourism destination.

Farmer and Frenchman/Facebook

Getting back to Louisville, have you ever tried The Boujie Biscuit? Me neither, but it sounds and looks like it's high time.

Boujie Biscuit/Facebook

Love the name. Love the look. And the Bourbon Nut Biscuit below is all I need to see to know I have to get there ASAP.


Of course, you can't go wrong with Patti's 1880s Settlement in Grand Rivers, back up and running after a terrible fire.

But what about a place with which you may not be THAT familiar? And if you're a seafood lover (like me), perhaps a drive up Interstate 71 north of Louisville to Smithfield is in order.

That's where you'll find Keeper's Seafood Restaurant.

Seriously, I love seafood and right now I'm not even hungry. But THIS makes me hungry:

Now, if you're up for a not-too-distant drive, then head to Horse Cave and take in all the Wigwam General Store has to offer.

I love the building.

And if this dish is any indication (yes, that is fried bologna topped with pimento cheese), I love the menu. And Horse Cave really isn't that far. Easy resolution here.

So many cool places to check out in Kentucky in 2020. Enjoy your trips and, of course...

Bon appetit!