Are you ready for a sales tax hike this summer? Yes, silly question. Who ever is? But it's set to happen in July, so buckle up.

However, before you cinch that buckle too tightly, let's see how it will affect us.

According to a WKYT-TV/Lexington report, beginning July 1st, a six percent sales tax will be added to 17 services that previously had no such charge.

Additionally, the tax changes in July will mean an increase in the cigarette tax, there will be flat rates for income and business taxes and the generation of additional revenue in 2019 and the tune of more than a couple hundred million dollars.

So that's good, right?

Some of the taxes on these services--labor and services for personal property, dry cleaning and laundry services, industrial and laundry services (uniforms), janitorial services, pet grooming and boarding, veterinarian service for small animals, fitness and recreational sports facilities, diet and weight reducing centers (non-medical), golf courses and country clubs, other personal care services, extended warranties, landscaping services, overnight trailer campgrounds, limousine services, and bowling centers--don't seem exorbitant, but they weren't there before.

May exorbitance levels are relative.

Anyway, it all begins July 1st. Let's see what happens.


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