Recently I was doing some research about the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in Kentucky. I could've sworn that Darnell “Super Chef” Ferguson's Louisville, Kentucky breakfast restaurant was featured on Triple D. It wasn't, but Super Chef Darnell has competed in Guy's Grocery Games and Tournament of Champions. Chef Darnell is quickly adding to his hosting resume.

DISCOVERY PRESS WEB Courtesy of Food Network
DISCOVERY PRESS WEB Courtesy of Food Network

Worst Cooks in America

No, Chef Darnell Ferguson is not one of the worst cooks in America, but he is co-hosting the current season of The Food Network competition alongside Chef Anne Burrell.

 Darnell “Super Chef” Ferguson on Inspiring Young Chefs

When I was a very young chef I told myself one day I would be one of the top chefs in the country.. and this season coming in #tournamentofchampions as a #1 was so surreal. I mean coming from where I started life at, to where I am now is a testament to what God can do in your life when you believe strong, work hard, and never put limits on yourself.  I hope many young chefs who see there dreams as light years away are motivated by what has happened.

Host Guy Fieri in Tournament of Champions III Courtesy of Food Network
Host Guy Fieri in Tournament of Champions III Courtesy of Food Network
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Superchef Grudge Match Premieres Tuesday, February 7, 2023, 8:00 PM 

If you have ever watched competition shows on The Food Network that puts one professional Chef against another, you know that things can get heated. And if you can't take the heat, I guess you move it to another show.

“Superchef Grudge Match competitors have conflict with each other when they enter the kitchen – and the drama only intensifies from there,” said Betsy Ayala, Senior Vice President Programming and Development, Food Network. “Just like show host Darnell Ferguson, these competitors are bold, brash and incredibly talented. They will do whatever it takes to win against their culinary rival.”

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When he’s not in the spotlight, Darnell is spending his time giving back to his Louisville community with his non-profit SuperChef’s CAPE, as well as through organizations like Blessings in a Backpack and more. He has also spent much of his time speaking with high school and college students about overcoming adversity, work ethic and how to treat others.

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