As a former educator, I don't think any dollar amount is enough for the hours worked, the sacrifice made my teachers and all they put into the job. Recently, released an article ranking teacher salaries in the U.S. and this is how Kentucky ranked-->

According to;

To figure out our rankings, we pulled the average starting teacher salary from the National Education Association (NEA). Next, we compared the NEA’s starting teacher wages to the average salary for “all occupations” within each state (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Then we ranked each state based on how well it paid new teachers versus the rest of the workforce.

We focused on entry-level salaries because we figured tenured teaching positions might skew the average teaching salary to be a little high. Unfortunately, that means we did not take the complete pay scale for each state into consideration. So states that rank high on our list based on starting salaries may not offer the best pay for teachers who are well into their careers.

We also want to note that the NEA’s starting salaries by state are pure averages, so they factor in the starting salaries from every school district in each state for only K–12 teachers (elementary school, middle school, and high school teachers).

Another finding released is that teachers are paid on an averages 21.8% less than other workers in the states they live in.

Kentucky ranked 9th at $36,752 and Indiana ranked 24th paying teachers an average starting pay of $35,943.

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