Should Kids Have Homework?
Angel here! As a mother of 5 children, I have seen my fair share of homework over the years. With one child in every school, I am posing the question...Is Homework Really Necessary?
Where Do Kentucky Teachers Rank?
As a former educator, I don't think any dollar amount is enough for the hours worked, the sacrifice made my teachers and all they put into the job. Recently, Business.org released an article ranking teacher salaries in the U.S. and this is how Kentucky ranked-->
Teacher's Classroom Wish List
Angel here! School is back in session and with school comes school supplies. When we think of school supplies we think of kids right? But what about the supplies the teachers need!? I found out their most wanted items~
DCPS Opening Day Highlights
Can you believe it? School starts tomorrow! I always loved attending opening day when I worked for DCPS it was so much fun. They know how to get people motivated!
I love this for a couple of reasons. This is where I went to middle school. I probably spent more time there than any other school since my Dad taught there for many decades. Despite everything happening in our state over teachers, it's good to see this project.
The national website Good Call ranked the 100 Best Areas for K-12 Teachers to Live and Work and Owensboro-Daviess Co. is ranked 35th in the nation and they are ranked 2nd best in Kentucky.