Coming up with your child's name may be one of the most important and meaningful things you'll ever do. Although it isn't the most determining factor in their success, studies show it does play a part in forming their personality, and even affects "hireability" once they enter the workforce.

Many people honor family members by passing their names on to the next generation or pay respect to their favorite musicians, artists, and pop culture icons. My name came from my grandmothers. Mary was my paternal Memaw and Katherine was my maternal Memaw. Put them together and there you go! I'm sure it made them both very happy.

For the most part, I love my name even though it's too long for scantron sheets and I get a lot of nun and SNL character jokes, it's been fairly unique to me in my life. I've definitely seen a trend, and I'm sure you have too, of uniqueness in naming babies these days. Even if the name is more common, parents will change up the spelling to make it more interesting.

Well, a hilarious Kentucky Tiktoker has started making a series of baby name ideas that are VERY unique. Well, they are common words for random objects that would be one-of-a-kind if chosen for a human. He explains each one which makes them even more funny and his adorable Southern Kentucky accent is so fun to listen to. He's just as cute as can be! Talking all things country, redneck, and Bluegrass state, he's become one of my favorite creators on Tiktok.

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Here's his first video in the "Name Series." These names he says would be categorized as "a little redneck" in the best way!


@loganleeshaw i love these names #comedy #funnyvideos #babynames ♬ original sound - Logan Shaw

  He has two other videos with more names and they just keep getting funnier and funnier.  

@loganleeshaw Replying to @Ivis this is so much fun #comedy #funnyvideos #babynames ♬ original sound - Logan Shaw

Somehow he also creates the perfect personality descriptions of what these kids would be like.

@loganleeshaw Replying to @Brook Hitt can someone pls name their baby flanelle #comedy #funnyvideos #babynames ♬ original sound - Logan Shaw

We had sweet Logan on the show this morning to chat. Listen here!

What other words do you think would make good names if they didn't already mean something?

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