I see signs for political candidates, non-profits, and for-profits everywhere. What I didn't realize that some of them are illegal.

I'm not talking about the signs themselves. I'm talking about WHERE they are placed.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet sent us an email Wednesday letting us know that it will start removing illegally-placed signs from state right-of-ways.

There have been many complaint calls coming into the Cabinet's office about these signs and it's become something that needs to be added to its list of maintenance activities.

The Cabinet states:

"Any sign, regardless of its purpose, is not allowed to be placed on state right-of-way unless otherwise permitted. State law requires highway personnel to remove all illegal signs."

The placement of utility poles or fence lines should be the best indicator of what constitutes the edge of right-of-way to anyone wanting to place signs.

Simply put, any area mowed by state crews or contractors during the summer is off-limits to signage.

And, if you're a homeowner in an urban area and you have a curb and gutter in front of your home, you should keep your signs behind the sidewalk.

Signs in violation will soon be removed and will be held for 10 business days at the local state highway maintenance facility.

Those signs may be picked up there by a representative of the candidate, non-profit, or business with proper identification.

Unclaimed signs will be disposed of after 10 days.

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