It's always interesting to me that I was overlooked when it came time to hand out artistic ability to my family.

My sister has an entire WALL of her drawings and paintings. My mother would draw just about anything, even if wasn't something that would be considered an obvious subject. For example, she could draw perfect trees, horses, and mouths--three things I've heard plenty of artists of all levels tell me are some of the hardest things to draw.

And then there's Dad. He has an entire scrapbook of cartoon drawings. They weren't tracings. He copied them. Maybe that's not Picasso, but it's light-years better than anything I could do. I tried drawing Snoopy one time by looking at a picture. It looked like a bloated pear.

Consequently, I have a great appreciation for artists. So I can't wait to see what the kids who participate in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Adopt-a-Highway Art Contest come up with.

The competition has begun and the Commonwealth awaits entries from kids in four different age groups. The divisions are ages 5-9; ages 9-11; ages 12-14, and ages 15-18.

The creator of the winning original artwork in each division will receive a $100 gift card. Those who finish in second and third place in each division will get a $50 gift card.

What's more--and I love this--the top three finishers in each division will see their artwork showcased on social media with prints of their work on display in Frankfort at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's conference center.

Entry forms and more information about the competition are available at

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