I'm not a snake person. Can't stand 'em. So, you can correctly assume that I want NO PART of cobras.

You'd think in Kentucky, that a cobra encounter would be impossible...and you'd be wrong.

A woman in Shelby County, where I have friends (who also don't like snakes), recently called what she thought was Kentucky Fish and Wildlife because she was no longer interested in caring for her pet monocled cobra. Instead, she had mistakenly called Kentucky Conservation Officers, who issued her a citation.

And yes, a MONOCLED cobra. Check out what Kentucky Conservation Officers had to say about these charmers:

Uh, yeah, a citation was in order.

It would be nice if we could take it a step further and do something about exotic pets like pythons, tegus, monitor lizards, etc. that are NOT indigenous to this country and do serious damage to ecological systems.

Yes, her cobra wasn't out in the Kentucky wild...but it's a COBRA!

Our poor water moccasins wouldn't stand a chance.

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