What is the Frymire Forecast?

A beloved annual tradition continues here in Kentucky and we just got our hands on the hot-of-the-presses 2023-2024 Frymire Winter Forecast.  Now, if you're unfamiliar with the Frymire family, this will get you up to speed.

History of the Frymire Forecast

The family's weather-forecasting tradition started decades ago by Dick Frymire of Irvington, Kentucky.  Dick method was unique, but earned him worldwide recognition. He used a Japanese Elm tree, and a special "formula" built around that elm, to predict winter weather for the coming year.  He was a hit on local media and the national talk show circuit.

Though Dick passed away in 2013, his family immediately picked up the torch and has kept that tradition alive and well.

Sunday evening, I received an email from Brianne Oliver and the family has completed and circulated the 2023-2024 Frymire Weather Service forecast.


2023-24 Frymire Winter Forecast

There are a couple of notable mentions to point out from that forecast. The forecast is calling for our first glimpse of snow flurries late this year. Typically we'll see flurries in November, but winter seems to be stalling some this year. According to Frymire, we won't see our first snow flurries until the second week of December on the 12th. In fact, all in all, December looks to wrap up the year in an incredibly mild way.


However, our fortunes began to change in January, where we could see not one, but two relatively big snow events. In fact, in the span of one week, we could see up to 20 inches of snow in early 2024.


Take a look!

Frymire Forecast
Frymire Forecast

Notice how the Frymire Forecast does point out the possibility of a "worse than expected" winter because of the number of heavy fogs we had in August. Folklore tells us those heavy fogs have a direct correlation to the number of heavy snows the following winter. It looks like the Frymire's Japanese Elm is signaling the same effects.

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