For many throughout history, technology has always yielded nearly as many minuses as its pluses.

In the 1950s, television brought the world and then some into our living rooms, but there are those who ultimately didn't like what they saw, particularly when it came to the news, since entertainment was heavily governed, in terms of content.

It's about the same story with the Internet.

Look at all we can accomplish, see, and learn, but then all THOSE verbs have their downsides, too.

And now, because we all have phones in our bags, briefcases, purses, or pockets, we're taking the world with us everywhere we go.

And our prized devices are consistent targets of the worst elements have to offer.

Phone scams are just rampant.

A company called CPR Call Blocker USA issued a press release listing the top five scams to which people are falling victim:

1. Internal Revenue Scam
2. Credit/Loan Scam
3. Robocall/Automated Messages Scam
4. Lottery/Sweepstake Scam
5. Missed Call Scam

What's fortunate is that most people, myself included, have been so bombarded with information about such scams that they've become wary of answering the phone if they don't recognize the number.

I get calls from strange area codes all the time and I do not answer them.

But these scammers are smart and will sometimes call from the "270" area code, so you REALLY have to be so careful.

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