March 10, 2022, is World Kidney Day. This is the day that is set aside to learn about kidney health. Do you even know where your kidneys are or what to ask your doctor? Have you ever thought about becoming a live donor? While you think about those questions, take a moment and read my friend Matt's kidney journey.


I wouldn't have had the first clue about live kidney donors, the process a patient has to go through, or the wait time for a transplant if my friend Matt hadn't shared his story. As it turns out, getting a kidney transplant is the beginning of a whole new set of beginnings and obstacles.

Matt has been extremely candid in sharing the details of the transplant process. He even created a whole body positivity campaign based on his search for a kidney donor. You can read more about Matt's journey below.

 Update on Matt's Health 3/10/2022


Since transplant I have had this gastroparesis problem and it has progressively gotten worse. There is concern that something else is going on like a bacterial infection.

My blood pressure keeps bottoming out and I routinely feel like I am about to pass out. Yesterday I stumbled in the hallway amd hit my head on the doorframe. No injuries. I can’t make it to the bathroom without feeling like I’m about to hit the floor.

Ashley called transplant and they said to call 9-1-1. I am in the ER getting fluids and waiting on blood tests. I will keep everyone updated as I can.

Happy Kidney Day!

Matt has started his own blog to record his journey. You can get his updates HERE.

What is the Cost of a Kidney Transplant?

Every transplant situation is different, and that affects your final bill. In Matt's case, his kidney missed its flight. And no, he wasn't given a discount voucher, it actually added to his medical costs!

The answer: $204,118
$61,610 of this total was the cost of transporting the kidney from Iowa to Lexington.

Kentucky Man's Search for Kidney Transplant Leads to Revealing Way to Promote Body Positivity

If you have ever considered becoming an organ donor, I hope that Matt Heitzmann's story will encourage you to look into it. I also hope that his 'Dudeoir' photoshoot inspires you to love your body.
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