It always seems like the end of every year spins out of control. The second the clock strikes midnight on Halloween night and it becomes November 1st, we go into full-on holiday season mode. Some go there earlier.

The last 61 days of the year are always hectic and that isn't helped by how fast time flies during this period.

In terms of finding time savers wherever we can, every little bit helps.

But what about when you combine a proven time saver with a money saver?

Enter Kroger and its decision to waive pickup fees throughout the holiday season.

If you take advantage of Kroger pickup (and it IS a huge time saver), then you will not have to pay the $4.95 fee through January 1st, 2020.

LEX18/Lexington posted a quote from Kroger's media spokesperson, Erin Grant, who pretty much gave Kroger's mission statement by saying that the iconic supermarket chain's new brand launch "is a unifying framework for our seamless shopping experience that is designed to deepen our connection with customers and associates today and into the future. Free Grocery Pick Up is just one way we are working to simplify the lives of our customers as they gear up for the holidays.”

Saving nearly five dollars every trip? Not bad during the holiday season.


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