Kentucky is unparalleled when it comes to thoroughbreds and bourbon, among other things. We've exported the Kentucky Hot Brown, and, yes, you're welcome. Although if it's not made in Kentucky--some say if it's not made at the Brown Hotell--it might be a pale imitation of the original.

And the list goes on and on.

Kentucky has ALSO exported some might fine actors over the decades, including a trio of Oscar winners in Patricia Neal, George Clooney, and Jennifer Lawrence. Maybe one day, we'll see David DeSanctis added to that list.


He already has a credits page on IMDB, and one of those is an upcoming movie on the Lifetime Network called Color My World With Love about the romance between two adults with Down syndrome.

In the film, he co-stars with fellow Down syndrome actor Lily D. Moore as Brad and Kendall, two young adults engaged to be married, sparking parental concerns about whether or not the couple is ready to embark on this enormous life change.

It will air Sunday, June 12th on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries at 8 PM and then be available, most likely, on On Demand in case you miss it.


David DeSanctis' filmography goes back eight years when he was cast in 2015's Where Hope Grows as a grocery store clerk who inspires a down-and-out baseball player whose career ended too soon because of personal problems.

You can get to know more about David in this interview he gave seven years ago ahead of the release of Where Hope Grows.


Here's how David was cast for Where Hope Grows back in 2014.

In his IMDB biography, we learn that David's involvement in drama, music, and broadcast journalism led him to host local events in support of those with Down syndrome. He still lives in Louisville with his parents and participates in Special Olympics. And when a role for a Down syndrome actor comes up, he's ready to go if he's needed.

His ambition is obvious, so it won't come as a surprise if we see more and more of David DeSanctis in the years to come...starting with Color My World with Love on June 12th.

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