When my family would go on road trips--big or small--roadside attractions weren't just what whizzed past our car windows as we drove toward our destinations.

An Old-School Kentucky Attraction

Sometimes they were, and sometimes Dad would pull off and we'd investigate. During the smaller road trips, those kinds of "afterthoughts" were often more the PURPOSE of the jaunt rather than the time-killer. And one of those locations was in Cave City KY. It was called the Kentucky Action Park, and it opened in 1970. It was the kind of charming, old-school attraction you'd see a lot back in the day--long before the explosion of the enormous theme parks we all know today like Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, or King's Island.

The Kentucky Action Park in Cave City

One of my favorite Kentucky Action Park attractions as a child AND as an adult was (and is) the alpine slide. You couldn't access it unless you rode the sky lift up to the top of the hill.

Here's a POV shot for a closer look:

It was just simple, classic fun. There was also a zipline.

Putt-putt, pony rides, and other amusements filled it out, and the park saw great traffic for 50 years. Then COVID hit, and a toll was taken. It began with the park's inability to operate the sky lift and the alpine slide. Eventually, it became inactive out of necessity.

Kentucky Action Park Becomes Mammoth Valley Park Thanks to a TN Titan

Enter former Tennessee Titans linebacker Robert Reynolds to save the day and the park and restore it to what it was in its heyday. Like me, Reynolds has fond memories of visiting the park--now known as Mammoth Valley Park--with this family and was eager to restore it to its former throwback glory. And--bonus--the rides needed minimal attention to get them back up and running and ready for the public. Plus, Reynolds is planning on expanding the park.

Mammoth Valley Park is already back in action but will have its grand opening on Wednesday, August 3rd.

[SOURCE: WBKO-Bowling Green]

Kentucky Action Park in Cave City

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