Well, what a great honor. I guess if Lexington was looking for something to accompany all those National Championship and Final Four banners that hang in Rupp Arena, being named America's Least Active City was as good a recognition as any...I guess. But you gotta hand it to the city; they know how to receive such an honor. On Monday, Lexington held a "Sedentary Parade" through the streets of the city. One of the "floats" was a motorized couch--complete with coffee table--ridden by Lexington Mayor Jim Gray. What a great idea; spoof the dubious distinction with a parade. But if you're reading this thinking, "Well, there was obviously SOME reason Lexington was chosen and maybe it ought to be taken seriously," you'd be right. They did and have. The parade was accompanied by dance, yoga, and soccer demonstrations and, I assume, a commitment to avoiding the number one slot on THAT list going forward. It's funny, here's a city that leaps to its feet at least twice a week from November to March (and hopefully) April every single year, and it's America's "laziest city." I suppose it just wasn't enough. By the way, for whatever reasons, there is no video of the parade available on youtube, so click this link for a news report and some clips. Then get up and walk half a mile...just to be on the safe side.