LifeWay Christian Store is closing all 170 brick-and-mortar stores, including the Owensboro location. The store closing sale will start very soon.

Barb Birgy

Whenever I buy gifts for friends and family, they know that more than likely it came from LifeWay Christian Store. Including, the gift bag that I put the gift in. I buy my journals, devotionals, calendars and so much more from this beautiful store. There isn't any place quite like it town and I'm SO bummed.

I had the chance to stop in today to check on the employees. The staff at LifeWay are incredible and I feel bad for them. If you're a business that's hiring, please take a look at these wonderful people. They ALWAYS greet me at the door. They ALWAYS ask me if I need help with anything. They ALWAYS have a smile on their face. I'm going to miss, not only the store, but the staff as well. Even with this news, everybody had a smile today, when I stopped by.

So. Let's talk about when the closing sale will start. The first markdowns will start this Thursday, March 28th, 2019. I'm sure as the closing date gets near, the deepest discounts will be available. There probably won't be much left, so don't wait too long to save money.

Barb Birgy

June is the target date to close for good, from what I understand. One thing to note. They will not be taking checks any longer. There was a sign on the front door.

LifeWay Christian Store will be missed, not only by me, but many in Owensboro. You've been great for this community and we wish the employees all of the best in the coming months. And, I will be shopping in the coming days and weeks!