Although, slightly delayed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, FREE live music returns to the Riverfront. "LIVE on the Banks" offers great entertainment from local artists, in all genres of music. Just LOOK at this amazing line-up of talent set to perform.

Downtown Owensboro

The City of Owensboro always does such a great job, scheduling some of the best artists in the tri-state, to perform on the Overlook Stage and at the Gazebo. With "LIVE on the Banks", Saturday nights just got a lot better and louder!

The line-up is SO exciting. I've seen most of these artists at some point in their career, and it's going to be a great time for all. Make the Overlook Stage and the Gazebo part of your Saturday night out. Enjoy food at any of the great downtown restaurants and then head to the Riverfront to be entertained.

Downtown Owensboro

Just look at this incredible line-up. I'm so excited to see my stepson on here as well. Josh will be playing at the Gazebo September, 19th and with his group Friends, on the Overlook Stage on August 8th. Let's support all of these talented musicians, while social distancing, on Saturday nights this season!

The City of Owensboro

We'll see you there!

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