Tomorrow evening, Owensboro Women Living Socially are hosting a drive-in prayer vigil at Owensboro Health and they want to extend the invitation to join them to you.  According to my friend Natalie Brown, OWLS member Jackie Howell Tipmore got the idea from a video she saw on social media.

So, tomorrow evening at 6:30pm, the women are going to load into their cars, bring flashlights (to use as candles), pull into the parking lot at Owensboro Health with their headlights and flashers on and have a vigil to honor, recognize and pray for all the health care workers, who are working diligently to serve our community during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The plan is to have the vigil coincide with sunset, which should occur approximately 7pm.  And, reminder, you're invited to come along and participate.

The group reached out to Debbie Zuerner Johnson with Owensboro Health to work through the logistics for the event.  And, this morning, Debbie said, "It's a go!!"

OWLS was created on Facebook in January and already has over 2700 members.  The group is comprised of women over the age of 50, who are dedicating themselves to volunteer work and "living socially."  Sunday's event follows along that mission statement.  According to Natalie Brown, Sunday night they "want to make our city's appreciation known" and let the staff at Owensboro Health know "they are heroes!"

Of course, during this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, it's exceptionally vital to remind all participants that they MUST adhere to established social distancing guidelines recommended by the CDC and echoed and enforced by Owensboro Health.  So, if you plan to participate, you are asked to remain in your car to ensure proper social distancing from others.  But, be assured that you will still be a part of amazing gesture of support and show of solidarity, respect and appreciation.

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