Carolyn Hamlet has an amazing artistic talent.  She wanted to share that with you the children of CASA of the Ohio Valley.  You could say she is the maker of superheroes, mermaids,  and all things awesome!

The staff at CASA here in Owensboro was contacted by Ms. Hamlet who was wanting to donate some dolls she made for the children in the court system.

According to CASA;

When she arrived at the CASA office with a basket full of colorful hand-crocheted, lovable dolls. There were boys, girls, animals, butterflies, superheroes, mermaids, dinosaurs, all smiling out from the basket, just waiting for the special child to love them! Since then, Carolyn humbly delivers more and more to us. We take them on home visits with the children, and give them to Judge Gordon to distribute to the children in court. Her superheroes and Harry Potter dolls are such a hit with everyone who sees them! I especially love that she creates the dolls with diverse skin and hair colors!

The children of CASA go through so many different emotions and to have a special doll to keep them company in the midst of it all is such a beautiful thing.

Awesome job Carolyn!  You are amazing~


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