Just about every fast food fan in the world knows that the Commonwealth of Kentucky was the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Fried chicken lovers across the globe know who Colonel Sanders is and all about his world famous blend of eleven herbs and spices.

The 'original' Kentucky Fried Chicken is still open for business today in Corbin, Kentucky.

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Well, here's another fun 'Kentucky' fact. Corbin is about 90 miles south of Lexington, which is the birthplace of another iconic fast food giant. It was in Lexington, back in late 1969, that a restaurant, whose namesake is a character from the beloved Robert Louis Stevenson book Treasure Island, opened.

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The very first Long John Silver's restaurant, which evolved from the Cape Codder seafood restaurant, opened at 301 Southland Drive on August 18th, 1969. Today, there are locations in roughly thirty-five states. Plus, like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Long John Silver's has made its way into overseas markets.

However, LJS hasn't enjoyed the same international success as Kentucky Fried Chicken, but it has certainly found a successful home in Singapore.The chain opened its first location there in 1983 and it is still thriving.

As for the very first location in Lexington? It hasn't enjoyed the same longevity and history as the first Kentucky Friend Chicken location has in Corbin. That particular restaurant is also now a museum. You won't find a Long John Silver's (or a museum) at 301 Southland Drive in Lexington anymore. That building is now the Fantasia Styling Salon.

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