My name is Barb Birgy and I have a french fry addiction. This recent announcement isn't going to help. Just look at these fries.

Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images
Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images

I LOVE all things french fries and please make them oversize. I'll eat all of my french fries on the plate before I even cut the steak. They can be, curly fries, waffle fries, crinkle-cut or cottage fries. How about, shoestring fries or steak fries? What a welcomed surprise.Tater tots are technically not a fry, but I love them too, I can not lie. I like them with gravy. I like them with chili. I like them with cheese. Add on some bacon.....oh, yes please! Now, what about sweet potato fries? Well, those I despise.

Even though fries go straight to my thighs, you know that I loved this news. A fry with a little bit of crunch and that KFC special recipe chicken spice. A fry to make this girl cry.

KFC has just rolled out its new “secret recipe” fries to be tested in select markets. I had the chance to call of the locations in the tri-state, but none are part of the test market. Many employees hadn't even heard of the "Secret Recipe" Fries yet. But, they have been spotted by some french fry lovers, based on social media reports. What do you think?

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