It’s been a few months since the American Pickers crew visited Owensboro to film an episode at Windy Hollow Restaurant.  And that episode officially airs tonight!  And be sure to look for some WBKR history!  While the "Pickers" were in town, they picked up a couple of vintage WBKR signs.  LOOK!

Photo by Michael Knakmuhs

How freaking awesome is that?  And get this!  Antique Archeology didn't "pick"  just one vintage WBKR sign when they were in town, they took two of them back to Nashville!

Photo by Michael Knakmuhs

Antique Archeology has two stores in the USA.  The first, in LaClaire, Iowa, is the "home base" for the popular TV show American Pickers.  The second store (in Nashville) is home base for these WBKR treasures!  We absolutely love them.

Look for them tonight on TV!  The “Owensboro edition” of American Pickers will air on the History Channel TONIGHT, June 22nd at 8PM.

For more information about Antique Archeology and the TV show American Pickers, CLICK HERE!