I saw a recent post on Twitter from a guy who was not pleased that an ATM at Carter Road and E. 4th Street had been removed.

I had no idea one was ever there; I guess I just never noticed it.

Then I got to wondering just where ARE the ATMs in Owensboro?

I usually run by the bank, but sometimes I'm not near one. So I decided to search Google and see what I could find.

I came across the following maps (and there are two because one doesn't necessarily show them all, and vice versa):

Google Maps

This map gives you locations of ATMs at Towne Square North, 2901 W. Parrish, 3160 Highway 54 East, 200 E. Third, 355 Carter Road, 2938 Frederica, 2630 Frederica, 2318 Frederica, 3205 Frederica, 3560 New Hartford Road, 2609 New Hartford Road, 316 W. Second, 3264 KY 54, 500 Frederica, 2810 Frederica, 2715 W. Parrish, 2800 Frederica, 5002 Frederica, and 5151 Frederica.

These are all ATMs located at various Chase Banks, BB&T Banks, U.S. Banks, and Fifth Third Banks plus stand-alone machines. For another look at this map, click here.

Google Maps

The ones here that aren't included in the first map are ATMs at 1101 W. 9th, 300 E. Parrish, 2301 Breckenridge, 2760 Frederica, 2630 W. Parrish, 3000 E. Fourth, 2245 Ragu Drive, 3414 New Hartford Road, 3312 KY 54, 410 Carlton Drive, and 2080 Southtown Boulevard.

These are most ATMs inside various retail stores around town, including all the Huck's locations.

For a closer look at the services provided by the ATMs on the second map, click here.