The December 10th tornado was such a long-track twister that personal items belonging to hundreds or even thousands of Kentuckians were scattered, in some cases, hundreds of miles away.


Soon after the devastating storm, Barb Birgy published ways we could help reunite folks with beloved lost items by way of the Quad State Tornado Found Items page on Facebook. It's a public group, so it's quite easy to join. And then you can sort through posted images and, perhaps, locate something of yours that went missing that night.

I was recently made aware of a post by Ann Burnworth of Cambridge Shores on Kentucky Lake. Her community and nearby Sherwood Shores were demolished in the storm. Ever since then, she and her neighbors have come together to help each other out and provide any assistance where it's needed. It has, indeed, been an emotional whirlwind these last couple of months. Ann told me of a friend who lost her house but all she really wanted to find was a family quilt. And she did. And it's in great shape. It's the same situation with an old sketchbook she found--also in great shape and now back with its owners.

Amazing stories.

And so is this.


Ann has come across a marksman award that was issued by the United States Marine Corps, according to Owen Kyler, a 10-year Marine Corps veteran. In the comment section of a post on the Quad State Tornado Found Items page, he identified it as a shooting badge that's given to someone who was "an Expert pistol marksman 2 times consecutively."

This was Ann's post regarding the award.


Now I'm not sure if this is the same award posted twice or if there were TWO such awards that were lost. From my standpoint, there are slight differences which means there could be two of them. Anyway, whether it's one or two marksmen awards, I'm sure the owner would love to have them back.

This Quad State Tornado Found Items page is an invaluable tool for those still searching for treasured lost items and for those who locate them.

Please bookmark it and check back periodically.

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