Nothing is more gut-wrenching for a pet owner than your beloved furry family member running away or missing. It has happened to me a time or two and the panic of not having your pet sleeping lazily on the couch or begging for treats at your feet can worry you sick.

It Happens to the Best of Us

Years ago, I had a spunky Yorkie named Rosey. Whenever she saw the front door even opening a crack, she bounced happily about, all six pounds of her ready to charge at the opportune moment. I learned that awkward way of backing out of the door, twisting my body in ways that made me feel like a super secret spy. Nope, just a nervous pet owner battling the "challenge accepted" spark in the eyes of my teeny-weeny Yorkie.

Melissa Nelson
Melissa Nelson

Of course, I failed this mission at times. She would find some way to shoot out of the door like a firework, running at top speed until she was just a tiny speck nowhere to be found. I could spend hours shouting her name, holding her favorite treats, hoping to see her smug face trotting along the side of the road like "hey ma, did ya see what I did?"

Lost Your Pet... Now What?

So, what do you do in those times you find yourself jogging up and down the street, your pet nowhere to be found?


First and foremost, it is always best to stay calm. No one thinks clearly when they are an emotional, panicked wreck. When you're calm, it is always easier to decide what step to take next.

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Luckily, the Davies County Animal Care and Control website has a lot of useful tips for you to figure out what plan of action to take.

  • If your pet is microchipped, call the company to make sure the owner's information is current.
  • Call or visit the Davies County Animal Shelter to report an animal that has been lost or found.
  • Post on the Lost and Found Pets of Davies County KY Facebook page. This helps spread the word tremendously!
  • Call local veterinarian's offices to report your lost pet as well as check to see if any injured animals were brought in for emergency treatment with an unknown owner.
  • Call Spectrum to place a free ad on Channel 8 or place an ad in the local newspaper.
  • Make flyers with a photo to post around your neighborhood.

Hopefully, by following these steps and never giving up, your pet will be home in no time!

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