Can you imagine being able to cuddle with your pet forever? I wasn’t even aware this company existed or something like this could be done until I saw it today and fell in love. You will too!

Everyone knows how much I love my pets. They're like my children and I dread the day that something happens to Sadie and Lucy. I won't be foolish enough to say that what I found today will take away the pain that will come, but it sure would make it special to remember them by.

Louisville-based company Cuddle Clones helps make it a little easier to cope with the loss of your pet by creating a plush clone of it using photos. It’s a way that can help the family heal and in a small way keep your special pet alive.

You could also get Cuddle Clones for the student leaving their pet and going away to college or someone going into the military. They would make a perfect gift for any pet lover in your life. It's truly the gift that keeps giving!

Who knew this was even possible and that it could be done with such perfection? Absolutely incredible. Just look at these photos and watch the Cuddle Clones video below to see how it's all done!

Here's a link to Cuddle Clones so you can see more pictures, testimonials, pricing, products offered, how to order and more.


They also donate portions of the proceeds to pet charities so that’s a wonderful added bonus!

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