This is a tough one. As much as I think Louisville deserves some punishment for all of the goings on with former coach Rick Pitino and former Athletic Director Tom Jurich, this looks very bad. 

Charleston v Louisville
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Radio host Dan Dakich revealed the University of Louisville will be fined $15 million for the sanctions levied during the Katrina Powell/stripper controversy.

As of this writing, the university says Dakich's revelation is "pure speculation" and that they have not been contacted by the NCAA. The official punishment report is expected to be released any day.

What's at stake? All victories between 2010 and 2014, including the 2013 national title, two national semifinal appearances, and three conference championships could be erased. The fine could be as much as $6 million.

The initial punishment for the Powell case was the team self-imposed a ban on 2016 NCAA tournament play, and then Coach Pitino would have been suspended for five ACC games during this current season. Pitino was fired in October after it was revealed he was part of NCAA basketball corruption scandal involving Louisville's sportswear brand Adidas. The additional scandal will certainly not help the university's troubles with the NCAA.

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