Last week, I think I may have had my first allergy attack that culminated in the temporary loss of my voice. The temperature was up and down so pollen was either active or dormant. The Ohio Valley is notorious for its number of allergy sufferers. And wouldn't you know, all of Kentucky is included in this region. Now there's proof Kentucky has it pretty bad in at least one major city. 

In the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America's 2018 Spring Allergy report, Louisville is ranked the second worst in all of the U.S. The average score for allergies is 56.48, Louisville's score is 86.84. The city has worse than average rankings in pollen score and medicine utilization per patient. They have an average score on board certified allergists per patient.

Louisville is the only Kentucky city/town listed in the top 100 and they are considered part of the South region in the breakdown numbers. The only Midwest states mentioned in the study that have among the worst scores are Ohio and Kansas. The only city in Indiana mentioned in the top 100 is Indianapolis.

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