I have never been any good at Clue, the classic Parker Brothers whodunit. I was terrible as a kid. I'm bad at it as an adult. Yet, I enjoy playing it.

But, trust me, my sketchy track record with the classic board game would have no bearing on my desire to play this gigantic interactive game of Clue that's coming to Louisville in May.

It's a version of a game called CluedUpp that was developed in the U.K.

According to the CluedUpp website, Louisville's version of the game--called Sneaky Finders--will unfold in the fictional town of Millingham.

The game will last seven hours--from 10AM to 5PM--on Saturday, May 18th.

Each team will consist of between two and six players and participants will need to have Smartphones.

It's also strongly recommended that teams have a really cool name and players come dressed in costumes that would be appropriate for what's being called Louisville Detective Day.

Prizes will be awarded to teams in six categories.

This sounds like a total blast!

Who knows? Instead of "Mr. Green with the lead pipe in the kitchen," it could be "(insert name here) with the rope at Churchill Downs."



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