About six years ago, it hit me. I need to see some gorillas. So I called my sister and said, "Wanna go see some gorillas...and, well, some other animals, too?"

I'll do that. I'll decide I really need to commune with a certain species of exotic wildlife, and then it's time for a trip to a zoo.

Now, before I go any further, let me tell you (if I need to) that not all zoos are created equally. I say that because we chose the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere for our "gorilla jaunt."

Big mistake. They didn't have any. In fact, the animals were so spread out at the Nashville Zoo that it took us a little while between each exhibit. Also, that day, it seemed like all the animals had been given something to help them sleep. They were all just laying around. Even traditionally hyperactive meerkats.

Fortunately, it isn't that expensive to visit a zoo, so on the next available weekend, we went to the Louisville Zoo, which rocks. And I got to see a LOT of gorillas.

But now it's time to expand into the world of beautiful lanterns.

The Wild Lights Lantern Festival returns to the Louisville Zoo beginning March 19th and running through May 30th.

More than 70 new lantern displays have been added to the popular attraction for 2021 and as you can see from the video, it will be spectacular

Additionally, the event will feature a T-Rex.

It was already going to be extraordinary. Now it will also be Jurassic!

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