When we learned a few weeks ago that Luke Combs was coming to Rupp Arena in February, excitement in the tri-state, not surprisingly, hit a fever pitch.

But do you want to know just feverish that pitch was?

Luke Combs has broken the Rupp Arena record for the fastest sell-out in the venue's history.

The tickets for the February 14th concert went on sale Friday morning at 10AM Lexington time and were gone in 12 minutes.

12 minutes.

WKYT-Lexington says that eclipses the previous record--Paul McCartney in 2018--by one minute.

Seriously, this 29-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina who released his debut single just two years ago, has broken a record set by one of the BEATLES.

I've been saying the last six months, or so, that with Luke Combs, we are experiencing a "Garth Brooks moment."

I remember the early 90s.

I remember Garth Brooks becoming a reliable hitmaker fairly quickly and then a full-on superstar with the consecutive releases of "The Dance" and "Friends in Low Places" in the summer of 1990...when Luke Combs was just a few months old.

Those two releases, coupled with those Garth concerts, made him an unstoppable force in short order.

I'm seeing the same thing with Luke Combs. And, until now, I wasn't 100% certain of my speculation--but I'd still own up to about 85%--about how big a star he is.

But this record sell-out of Rupp Arena, which has been hosting concerts for 43 years, confirms everything, in my opinion.

Luke Combs really feels like this generation's Garth Brooks.

And if he can top a Beatle, maybe I'm even selling him short.


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