It has been almost three years since the tragic loss of Erica Owen to domestic violence. Saturday her friends and family invite the community to "Paint the town Purple".

If you do not personally know Erica you may recognize her name from the news when her life was tragically ended in the summer of 2018.

Those close to her choose to remember the beautiful and infectious light she brought to the world.  Since the loss of Erica, her family and friends have come together to create a legacy in her name that creates a huge awareness of domestic violence and why it should not be tolerated.

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Here is what Erica's best friend Nicole Biggs told us about the event:

In honor of Erica’s birthday this month, we want to cover as many homes, business doors and mailboxes with purple ribbons as we can!! We are calling on our “Erica Warriors” to help us get the job done!! This Saturday, May 15, beginning at 10:00 am, we will be outside at Burns Elementary handing out ribbons for people to take to their friends/neighbors/employers. This is a continued effort to raise community awareness for domestic violence. We have made progress raising awareness but there is work to be done!! We hope to see you Saturday!!

Erica's mom Lisa Greer shared with me the loss of her beautiful daughter has left a huge hole in her heart.  What she wanted most was for people to continue to share;

"We just remember how full of life and how much she blessed all who knew her. My whole world has been turned upside down. She was my daughter and my best friend and the only thing that gets me through is knowing I will see her again."


Remembering Erica Owen

Each life lost from domestic violence is absolutely something that should never happen.  We must rise up as a community to refuse to accept any different than change.  A huge thank you to the friends and family of Erica Owen for being catalysts in creating this change here in Owensboro.



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