My dad loved magic tricks. And he hated them, too, so to speak. He would watch a magician on, say, The Tonight Show, and when a trick was complete, Dad would launch his trademark "Well, I'll be dad burn!" He loved them, and they drove him crazy.


I know he saw some David Copperfield specials, but I'm not sure if he ever saw TRUE sorcery like what we get from David Blaine, who, by the way, was no stranger to card tricks. His were just at a much higher level.

(My favorite part may be the woman in the cafe taking it all in.)

And then you have the weird "okay, so there are warlocks among us" magic of Criss Angel.

Now, skeptics can say it was a set-up, that he really did know the woman and she was a secret assistant. Fine. But that STILL does not explain that rolled-up bill with those initials inside a banana that had not been peeled. It's my favorite Criss Angel trick.

I'm thinking if Dad was familiar with either of them, I would have heard about it.


And I'm pretty sure if he'd lived into the era of social media, he'd be looking up magic tricks all day long, only to be frustrated ALL DAY LONG. He might have come across LADBible on Twitter, where several common, but fun, magic tricks' secrets are revealed.

It occurs to me that this is one way I have NEVER used social media. It's been a part of our lives for more than a decade, but I've never thought to search "magic tricks revealed" until I saw this guy.


The magician's code dictates that secrets behind magic tricks are NEVER revealed, but that code came to be decades, if not centuries, before the Internet or social media. I'm not too sure there's anything they can do about it except up their game. And I would think ANY magician worth his salt would always be doing that.

In the meantime, we can continue enjoying what more millions of people are enjoying (well, based on THIS view count, at least).

So go ahead, just try and pull a quarter out of my ear. I already know where you'll hide it.

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