What we've seen happen in downtown Louisville over the past decade-plus has been very impressive...and very quiet, so to speak.

Louisville Nightlife

It really wasn't terribly long ago--a decade seems like nothing these days--that I simply couldn't think of a reason to venture into the middle of Derby City. There really wasn't that much to attract my attention. Much like Nashville in the 1980s, it was just a downtown area in a large city and nothing more.

But Nashville shook it off and look at Music City now. And Louisville has followed suit and thrived for years now with districts like the Highlands, one of my favorite destinations.

And of course, there's Whiskey Row along Main Street, where Louisville's bourbon industry was born and what is now one the city's hottest nightlife destinations.

Entertainment Venue -- Number 15 -- Opening Soon in Downtown Louisville

And now, Whiskey Row is set to grow and become even more of a prime Louisville destination. It's been announced that Number 15, a five-story social hall and music venue, will open there this spring.

Check out these artist renderings of Number 15, courtesy of WDRB-Louisville:

The Numbers Holding Company--Number 15's parent company--also has a venue in Denver called Number 38. And you've probably already guessed the significance of those names; Kentucky was the 15th state to enter the union, and Colorado was the 38th.

What You Can Expect from Number 15 in Louisville

When you visit Number 15's website, you'll get the mission statement right away:

"Drink, dance, and discover the heart of Kentucky."

And Number 15 will offer plenty of all of that with free live music every night and room for 400 patrons to enjoy it. Plus, local brewers and distillers will be showcasing their wares at Number 15...something visitors will be able to enjoy on multiple floors and in "bars within bars" like the different balconies and the sports bar called "Last Place."

Soon enough, however, Number 15 could become the FIRST place folks consider when going out for a fun evening.

I just have one question. If the Numbers Holding Company keeps going with these state-themed venues, what happens when they get to Pennsylvania, the SECOND state to enter the union?

Would they really call it "Number 2"?

[SOURCE: leoweekly.com]

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