To promote "Just Go With It," their newest movie together, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman sat down for a chat for Harper's Bazaar magazine!  The twist?  Jennifer interviewed Nicole about life and love and Nicole spilled the beans about her marriage to Keith Urban!  In fact, Aniston ended up telling Nicole that she wishes she could find a man like Keith!  So, Moon and I have decided to take it upon ourselves to find Jennifer Aniston her very own "country boy."  Here's our short-list of suggestions . . .

Willie Nelson-  Okay, so he gets arrested a lot and walks around in a cloud of smoke, but he's funny and laid back!  Aniston's a busy career woman.  Nelson won't mind sitting at home.  Just give him a bag of Cheetos or Funyuns and he'll be fine.  Oh, wait!  Nashville Kat says he's married!  Dangit! 

Kenny Chesney-  Well, he already married one actress and that was a train wreck.  Maybe that's a bad idea.  Okay, scratch that!

Randy Travis-  Recently divorced, but has proven he's the marrying kind.  He and Elizabeth were together forever and ever (amen!) it seems.  But, Elizabeth was much older than Randy.  We think he likes the cougars and that knocks Aniston out of the running!  Moon thinks Randy should date Jennifer's grandmother!

Eddie Montogmery- In the process of a messy, public divorce and needs a woman who'll stand by her man!  Of course, if she gets together with Eddie, she my get really tired of Troy.

Jimmy Wayne- Yes, the man has a proven heart of gold, but we think Jennifer wants a man who won't wake up one day and decide to foot it across the globe!

Chuck Wicks-  An eligible bachelor, but Jennifer needs to take a serious look and wonder why Julianne Hough dumped him for RYAN SEACREST!!!     

Other possibilities from the world of country music:  Chris Young (but, be warned, he hears "Voices!), Jerrod Niemann (potentially a good "Lover, Lover!"), Josh Thompson (according to "Way Out Here" sits on the porch with shotgun), Jake Owen (though he has a cup "where (he's) spitin' dip inside" and that may gross Jennifer out), and Keith Anderson (but Moon, Jaclyn and I ran across him once in Nashville and he had been "Pickin' Wild Turkey" . . . I mean "Wildflowers!").

Well, Jennifer, we tried!  Maybe you guys can help?  Any suggestions for Jennifer Aniston as she tries to find herself a man?