Haunts and scares are just getting started in the Tri-State and one local haunted attraction is already gaining attention for its scare factor.

If you like having the crap scared out of you this place is definitely where you need to be this weekend.  McLean County Fish & Game has hosted the Haunted Trail by the Lake for different years and it is always a blast.  This year they are partnering with Ghostly Productions out of Owensboro to take their scare game to a whole new level.

Think back to every scary movie you've ever watched where the victims were in the woods.  I don't care who you are if you're walking in the woods in the dark it's gonna be terrifying.  Victims, I mean, visitors will walk the haunted trails and hopefully find their way to freedom.

The trail is good for all ages.  Angel here and I have several friends that have visited the trails and say it will scare and excite you all at the same time.

Screams begin at dark and end at Midnight.  The Haunted trail is $5 per person and if you want to take on the different trails you can get an unlimited pass for just $15 and that includes a hotdog and a drink.  Other concessions will be available throughout the night.  The Haunted Trail is only open this weekend so don't miss out.

If you're really feeling lucky that night you can event get in on a 50/50 drawing taking place on October 3.

This event is hosted on the McLean county fish and game property on Hwy 815 in Calhoun, Ky.



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